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Bangor's Ragnarok Coffee Soldiers On Despite Failed Kickstarter Campaign

The owners say this wasn't a dream-ending setback.

73 Central Street in Bangor, future home of Ragnarok Coffee Society.
73 Central Street in Bangor, future home of Ragnarok Coffee Society.
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What's $15,000 among friends? Benjamin Hanson and Jeshua Serdynski revealed on Facebook that their plans to open Ragnarok Coffee Society at 73 Central Street in Bangor weren't completely derailed when their unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign ended last month.

The owners say their dream of an artisan coffee house and roastery is "still possible without" the Kickstarter funding, and they felt the "main reason" for the campaign "was to build the community and support around our coffee house dream. Mission accomplished!" March 2016 might be too ambitious a goal for launching the shop now, though:

With just 15 hours left to go on our Kickstarter, I think it's safe to say it's not going to be fully funded. We're not...

Posted by Ragnarok Coffee Society on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Alongside the Kickstarter word-of-mouth, the would-be café proprietors have been spreading the word through the magic of samples, serving Turkish, French press, and pour-over coffee to local businesses like Kid's Corner Daycare in Bar Harbor and even Bangor's police department, which The Washington Post recently called perhaps "the only police department in American with a funny Facebook page." The department enthused in its recap (which surely helped the cause with nearly 1000 likes and 76 shares) that the upcoming business should be renamed a "Portal to Total Consciousness." Look for it sometime this year.