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Eater Maine Has Left the Building

As of today, Eater Maine will discontinue the food and restaurant world coverage that's been our modus operandi since 2012. As editor, I'm sad to see the site go. It's been a distinct pleasure for me to play a role in Maine's growing food scene, which changed so drastically from when I was growing up here to when I returned as an adult five years ago. Come Monday, the site will deliver periodic updates to important maps, but no daily food news. and Eater Boston will continue on as news resources for northeastern food culture. I'll be taking on a new position within the Eater fold, as editor of Eater Seattle, effective immediately.

In light of all this, many thanks are in order. I'm grateful to Susan Axelrod for launching Eater Maine in 2012, and to Tom Minervino for the smooth handoff when I took over from him in May 2014. I also couldn't have made the site what I did without my outstanding contributors, like writer Kate McCarty (who will oversee those aforementioned map updates), and photographers Kyle J. Norris and Corey Templeton.

And where would I be without the chefs, the restaurateurs, the servers, the bartenders, the brewers? These are the players who made the job worth doing, and who will continue to shape Maine's food scene as it becomes increasingly important on a national scale, drawing more visitors every year for more than just lighthouses, lobster, and moose sightings. Most importantly, thank you to the readers of Maine, who have loyally showed up day in and day out. I'll miss you. Keep in touch and please continue to send tips to