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Portland Dining 101: A Guide for Students

Everything you need to know about feeding yourself while attending school in Portland, from classic cheap eats to essential splurges.

Portland's State Pier.
Portland's State Pier.
Corey Templeton/Flickr

Welcome, students! Whether it's your first semester in town or your last, the Portland area is full of restaurants to explore, new and old. There seems to be no end to the dining boom in Maine's largest city, and Eater is here to guide you to the right spot for every situation, whether you need a reliable late-night slice of pizza, a swanky place to impress a date, or the perfect restaurant for your parents' next visit.


fore street interior corey templeton

Fore Street in the Old Port is on the current Eater Maine 18./Corey Templeton for Eater

First things first, let's talk basics — these are Eater's signature maps, updated regularly to highlight the best of the best and the newest of the new. Most maps on the site feature points statewide, but as you can imagine, many of the major players are within the Portland city limits.

  • Eater Maine 18 — Updated quarterly, this map features 18 of the most essential restaurants in the state, spanning multiple cities, cuisines, and price points. Naturally, many of these major players are within the Portland city limits.
  • Eater Maine Heatmap — Updated monthly, this map features 12 of the hottest new destinations in the state.
  • Eater Maine Cocktail Map — For the 21+ crowd, this map tracks the bars and restaurants with the strongest cocktail programs.
  • Eater Maine Brunch Map — You're deep in brunch territory. This map will guide you to the choicest spots.


tandem coffee corey templeton

Tandem Coffee Roasters' beans at sister spot Tandem Coffee and Bakery in the West End./Corey Templeton for Eater

What are you craving? Let these maps show you the way.


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    kim's sandwich shop ext kate mccarty

    Kim's Gift Shop has bahn mi for cheap, deep in the West End./Kate McCarty for Eater

    Looking to eat and drink well without without spending too much? Jump right to these maps and guides:

    Visitors guide

    Need to pick up a pal from the airport, impress grandma with a gorgeous view, or seat your extended family? These maps will empower you to do that and more with your guests.

    Road trips

    bagaduce lunch castine edith young

    A seafood spread at Bagaduce Lunch in Brooksville, near Castine./Edith Young for Eater

    Even with its outrageous selection, sometimes Portland just won't have what you're after. Use these guides to nearby hotspots when planning a getaway with friends:


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