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Rockland's 3Crow Faces Eviction Lawsuit From Landlord

The restaurant disputes a claim it owes over $237,000 in rent.


A tipster shared a report from the Bangor Daily News that popular Rockland restaurant 3Crow is fighting a legal battle against its landlord over allegedly unpaid rent. Richard Rockwell's company 449 Main St. LLC, which owns the building 3Crow has leased since 2012, asked a judge August 28 to evict the restaurant, claiming 3Crow owes $237,628: "A notice of termination of the lease was sent to 3 Crow in June, but the restaurant has not moved out, the lawsuit states."

3Crow denies any breach of contract; its attorney, Patrick Mellor, said, "The amount the total of lease payments for the entire 10-year lease." The Bangor Daily News also notes that another case between Rockwell and the restaurant has been ongoing since May, "When Rockwell filed a separate suit seeking to review the financial records of the restaurant that he has 25 percent ownership [sic], according to court filings."

Hopefully things go better for 3Crow than for Conte's 1894evicted in March from its home at 148 South Main St. in Rockland and forced this summer to pay $20,000 to its former landlord. Even that had a silver lining, as owner John Conte ultimately joined forces with Spruce Head Pizza to resume his seafood-focused cooking in South Thomaston.