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Second Pint 'Eco-Brewpub' Planned for Portland's yEast Bayside

Now accepting crowdfunding as well as equity investment inquiries.

A work-in-progress sticker design.
A work-in-progress sticker design.
Second Pint/Fundable

If Maine has a ticker for "Number of Days Since Last Brewery Announced," set it to zero again. Enter Second Pint Brewing Company, which aims to "be Portland, Maine's first 'Eco-Brewpub,'" according to its official website. That means the company "will be 100% renewably powered and carbon neutral," per the active, all-or-nothing Fundable campaign, which also names three flagship beers.

With 50 days remaining founder Jesse Hardie, "an avid home brewer and a 15 year veteran of the food and beverage industry" particularly in Colorado, has raised $225 of a $15,000 goal to fund "renewable technology that most startup brewpubs do not consider when making their original budgets." He told Eater the restaurant will be "upscale," with organic farm to table pub fare. When can Portland expect this bold concept? Not until late 2016 or early 2017, the founder said.

While the Fundable page notes that Second Pint has "secured a 6,500sqft property" in East Bayside — or yEast Bayside as it's often called thanks to its plethora of yeast-based businesses like Rising Tide Brewing Company and Tandem Coffee Roasters — Hardie told Eater he's "still in negotiations with the developer on the exact location. However, we feel confident that we will open in East Bayside."

Perhaps the most intriguing Fundable reward, given that fans will presumably want to sample the wares upon completion, is the One Year Tap Room Membership for $99. This level includes a permanent discount of $1 off beer, one free growler fill per month, and 15% off food on Wednesdays and Sundays. Prefer to simply own part of the brewery? You can also contact Hardie to inquire as to equity investments.

Wondering about the restaurant side of the equation? Check out a mock-up dinner menu posted recently to Facebook and follow along for updates.

Fooling around with branding and dinner menus... What do you think of this concept?

Posted by Second Pint Brewing Company on Saturday, September 12, 2015