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Silly's or 'Nikki's Grill'? 'Quirky' Portland Restaurant Satirized by The Onion

"The quirky restaurant’s restroom had better fucking deliver."


Eagle-eyed Maine readers of The Onion may have noticed a familiar sight on the long-time satirical news site yesterday. With the location set in Portland and the headline "Quirky Restaurant's Bathroom Had Better Fucking Deliver," the lede image for the piece is a photo of the dining room at Silly's Restaurant to stand in for the fake subject, "Nikki's Grill."

The story begins, "Confirming that their expectations had been set high given the fun, off-kilter decor in the dining area, patrons at Nikki's Grill said Tuesday that the quirky restaurant's restroom had better fucking deliver." (Spoiler alert: the bathroom at Nikki's Grill does fucking deliver, with Christmas lights around the mirror "and a tiny gargoyle...mounted on the paper towel dispenser," though these fixtures don't exist at Silly's.)

It's unclear if The Onion contacts everyone who features inadvertently on the site, though it seems unlikely. Silly's owner Colleen Kelley did not respond to a request for comment by press time. Silly's and sister bar Silly's With a Twist are closed from September 7 to 22 for "a serious electrical upgrade," painting, and updated seating and decor, according to the website. Hopefully the "odd little knickknacks" winked at in The Onion remain.

Sillys With A Twist

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Silly's Restaurant

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