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Developer Submits Plans to Replace El Rayo Portland With Five-Story Building

The taqueria has said it's seeking "a new home in downtown Portland."

Corey Templeton

The Press Herald reports that plans have been submitted to the City of Portland for the redevelopment of the site that currently houses El Rayo Taqueria. J.B. Brown and Sons, the owner of the parcel, has been working for years to replace the existing structures with housing and a parking garage; El Rayo has been living on borrowed time, and closed its adjacent Cantina already in early 2014.

The planned five-story building would include 63 market-rate apartments on the upper floors as well as 17,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor. The CEO of J.B. Brown and Sons told the Press Herald, "We don't know at this point but certainly if El Rayo wants to be part of the project we'd love to have them." El Rayo co-owner Tod Dana told the Bangor Daily News last year he declined the offer to open a new taqueria at the same location, though. No word on if or where El Rayo Portland might move, but Dana said at the time, "We are actively shopping for a new home in downtown Portland. I would welcome any landlord with ideas." The company also opened its Scarborough restaurant shortly thereafter.

El Rayo Taqueria

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