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Old Port Lobster Shack Hopes for a Mid-November Opening in Portland

More lobster rolls for the Old Port.

Adam H. Callaghan/Eater

The first Maine outpost of the California-based chain Old Port Lobster Shack could open by mid-November in the actual Old Port, according to owner Russell Deutsch. He told Eater he has nearly all of the approvals necessary for his Portland location but nothing is certain as he also has three other projects in the works on the west coast.

Located at 425 Fore Street next to Gelato Fiasco, the restaurant originated in a strip mall in Redwood City, California over a decade ago, and its lobster rolls have won competitions like 2014's Tasting Table Lobster Rumble. The Press Herald has more on the company from a March story, when the Maine location was still hoping for a May opening. Interior work began in June:

Does the Old Port need another lobster place? Quite possibly, based on the summer traffic at Portland Lobster Company and the frequency of the question, "Where can I get a lobster roll in Portland?"