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Reba McEntire Dines at Governor's Restaurant Following Bangor Concert

To the delight of fans.

Governor's Restaurant/FB

Country music star Reba McEntire thrilled the staff at Governor's Restaurant Saturday, breaking her fast at the longstanding local chain following her Friday night show at Bangor's Waterfront Pavilion. No food porn came of the encounter, no through-the-donut-hole Alton Brown-style photo, just a couple of friendly group pictures.

Our Bangor team had the pleasure of meeting and taking care of Reba McEntire this morning... Thanks so much for visiting us for breakfast while you were in town Reba!

Posted by Governor's Restaurant on Saturday, August 22, 2015

The singer, who had a breakthrough hit in the 80s with a song called "Whoever's in New England," had a bit of trouble with northeastern state abbreviations in the caption of an Instagram picture she shared, referring to her show in "Bangor, MA." She later corrected her mistake in the comments and apologized with copious smiley faces: "Sorry all you folks in Maine! I put MA :-) I meant ME! :-). We were in Maine not Massachusetts :-). I really did go to school :-). My geography teacher would be mortified!" There don't appear to be any hard feelings from starstruck Mainers, though.