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5 New Portland Food Carts to Catch This Month

Miniature mobile kitchens, smaller than food trucks, vie for attention. Which newcomers stand out in Portland's crowded dining landscape?

BP's Shuck Shack on Commercial Street.
BP's Shuck Shack on Commercial Street.
Adam H. Callaghan/Eater

Hot dogs are a safe bet for snackers on the go. Snappy's Tube Steaks is a kitschy cart differentiating itself with non-traditional accoutrements atop steamed dogs — Jordan's Red Snappers, Hebrew Nationals, or veggie dogs for now, though the Facebook page promises "a natural casing all beef dog will be replacing the Hebrew National in the near future." Look for the hot dogs at Portland's Eastern Prom most days, with punny specials like the "Don't you forget a Bahn Mi, dog."

How about raw seafood? Urban Eye took a closer look at the tactics of another vendor yesterday, BP's Shuck Shack, where the $3 freshly shucked oysters may be had for $1 during happy hour (Fridays 4 to 6 p.m.) — provided you beat the owner at Rock, Paper, Scissor. The post channeled banned blogger John Golden in its final lines, subtly referencing Eventide Oyster Co. with the question, "Who needs the pretension of a hipster oyster company, when you can knock a few sea creatures hotdog style on the street with the hoi polloi?" The cart is often in front of Custom House Wharf on Commercial Street but, naturally, that's subject to change.

Portland Food Map recently rounded up more notable additions to the scene, including BP's Shuck Shack, Yellow Cart (serving up fish tacos, lobster rolls, and more...under a yellow umbrella, for what it's worth), Brûlée Bike (which was selling dessert at Flea Bites last week), and still-in-development LemonCycle, which should launch later in July. The two latter businesses have ultra-specific concepts from entrepreneurs on summer break from school. They're also riding high on successful campaigns through Kickstarter, as much a marketing as a funding platform. Keep an eye out for these highly focused food bikes soon.

Eventide Oyster Co.

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