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Roustabout Under Construction at Historic Nissen Bakery Building

A restaurant with "rugged New England sensibility."

Eater Maine

In May, Eater announced restaurateurs Kit Paschal and Anders Tallberg planned to open an Italian-American restaurant, named Roustabout, at 59 Washington Avenue. Evident from the above recent photo, the address is on its way to becoming a new restaurant.

In addition to the work to the space on Washington Avenue, the team is also stocking up the back of the house staff. A Craigslist ad appeared calling for sous chefs, line cooks, and pantry cooks. The listing describes Roustabout and gives us a little more info on the upcoming eatery:

Roustabout, located on Washington Ave where Munjoy Hill meets East Bayside, in Portland Maine, is looking for and experienced sous chef, line, and prep cooks. Designed to be approachable, convivial and neighborhood focused, Roustabout is an Italian-American restaurant emphasizing culture and teamwork.

Roustabout will be a 75-seat full service restaurant and bar including a private dining room and an 18 seat bar, offering lunch, dinner, and late night food and drinks 6 days a week, plus brunch on the weekends.