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Cheap Drinks and Laughs at Lincolns, Where It Ain't About the Benjamins, Baby

Welcome to a Cheap Eats Week edition of Eater Scenes, where photographers visit notable spots to capture them at a certain point in the day.

Portland's got a new hidden gem. Back in December, Eater announced the aptly named Lincolns, where $5 gets you any menu item. It's not only a great place for a stiff drink and a live show, it's as close to a true speakeasy as you'll find in Maine. The hidden establishment has no online presence beyond a private Instagram account. In fact, co-owner Mark Ohlson (also owner of MJ's Wine Bar) insists that Lincolns is "a place that should be shown, not told." It may be hard to find, but the one month old bar is worth the search.

The cozy space hosts Tim Hoffman's Laugh Shack every Thursday night (for a $5 cover, natch). Take a look at the scene from July 9, and ask your friends to bring you along next time. Or try to find your own way through the secret door. Lincolns is also host to live music on weekends. Keep in mind you'll have to flash Honest Abe's face to get service at this cash-only bar, though there's an ATM just outside.


Market St., Portland, ME Visit Website