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Closing Time Remains 1 a.m. in Maine as Panel Rejects Governor's Bill

A 2 a.m. extension isn't likely this year, but not out of the question in the future.

Raul Lieberwirth/Flickr

Despite the slight majority of Eater Maine readers who voted "Yea" in a poll regarding Governor Paul Lepage's (R-ME) proposal to extend bar hours to 2 a.m., the emergency bill has been rejected unanimously by a legislative committee. The Press Herald reported last week that "members of the Legislature's Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee said they could not support a bill introduced in the final weeks of a legislative session that is intended to take effect in the current tourism season." There's been no clear reason given for why the governor introduced such a bill so late in the session.

All hope is not lost for fans of late night revelry, though, as the Press Herald piece concluded, "Committee members did indicate a willingness to consider a proposal to extend the 'last call' hours for future tourism seasons." It's possible Old Port bar patrons could be disturbing Old Port luxury hotel goers for an additional hour next year.