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Five Stars for Anju, Three and a Half for Rudy's Comfort Food

A couple of positive reviews from the Press Herald critic.

Rudy's of the Cape

Critic James Schwartz takes on the reinvented Rudy's of the Cape in his latest Dine Out Maine review, praising its "comfort," "neighborhood atmosphere," and "attractive surroundings" while advising against "the fancy items." He calls the juicy burger (which landed on a recent heatmap) "one of the best I've tried" and raves about the "salty, smoky and complex" clam chowder.

The ice cream sandwich with salted caramel dipping sauce is pleasing "without a doubt," and Schwartz even utilizes another opportunity to get the perspective of America's youth: the kids at the next table over love the Popeye pizza's "tender texture," though Schwartz himself is not entirely convinced of its charm. Less impressive: the shishito peppers "had little taste" and the burrata's "presentation shined brighter than the food." A respectable three and a half stars overall.

Last week's the reviewer awarded a stellar five stars to Anju Noodle Bar, the one year old Kittery Foreside phenomenon from Gary Kim and Julian Armstrong. The only critiques Schwartz could muster were halfhearted ones about acoustics ("the dining room is noisy"), utensils ("the chopsticks are plastic"), and a lack of reservations for small parties ("you'll likely wait a few minutes before being seated at rush hour").

Otherwise the food was "unexpectedly, unforgettably fabulous," including the duck yakisoba, the "frighteningly good" okonomiyaki (whose fluttering bonito flakes literally scared Schwartz's skittish dining companions), and the various types of kimchi, which brought the owners together as SonMat Foods before they went on to launch Anju.

Rudy's of the Cape

517 Ocean House Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME (207) 799-0270 Visit Website

Anju Noodle Bar

7 Wallingford Square, Unit 102, Kittery, Maine 03904 (207) 703.4298 Visit Website