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One Dock Transforms to One Dock Prime; Gardiner Gets a Food Co-op

Three new places to check out in Maine.

Rockland Maine Needs An Indian Restaurant/FB

ROCKLAND — The Himalayan Restaurant opened Tuesday, May 26 to the great delight of members of the Facebook group Rockland Maine Needs an Indian RestaurantPenobscot Bay Pilot has an early report on the restaurant, which seems to have been welcomed with open arms: "Along with reasonable prices, the rice used in the lengthy list of sushi options is just right, the Momo is tasty, and the vegetables in the Tibet Cho Main are cooked to a nice, crisp texture." Status: Certified open. 1 Payne Avenue, Rockland, (207) 593-8655.

GARDINER — The food co-operative ticker in Maine just went up again: the Gardiner Food Co-op and Cafe opened its doors May 31. The co-op is "working to bring Maine food to Maine tables" and surpassed its goal of 360 member-owners by opening day. Fans of local food and bulk bins should certainly check out what the democratically-run grocer has to offer. Status: Certified open. 269 Water Street, Gardiner, (207) 629-3663, website.

KENNEBUNKPORT — The Kennebunkport Inn's One Dock restaurant became One Dock Prime yesterday, June 4, a steakhouse with Maine native Nicholas Gratton in the role of executive chef. According to the website, "Aged Angus beef cuts take center stage to rich side dishes like creamed spinach, matchstick fries and sautéed Brussels sprouts." Take your steak with cocktails on the patio, and seek out Happy Hour from 4 to 5 p.m. daily. Status: Certified open. 1 Dock Square, Kennebunkport, (207) 967-2621, website.