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Practice Your Scottish for Camden's Drouthy Bear Pub, Slated for Summer

The world needs more whisky and meat pies.

The Drouthy Bear/FB

Och aye, it appears a taste of Scotland will soon be available in Camden. Andrew Stewart (former owner of Hope General Store) and his wife Shannon are remaking The Good House B&B at 50 Elm Street into "a local pub focused on traditional British food and savory pies," according to The Drouthy Bear Facebook page. ("Drouthy" is a Scottish term for thirsty or dry.) The overview also promises a beer garden, takeout options, and imported British goods.

The Penobscot Bay Pilot reported last month that most of the kitchen's ingredients will come from Maine, and the price point could be from $12 to $14 a plate for dishes like steak pies and fish and chips at the family-friendly establishment. Renovations are underway now; expect seating for 30 to 35 guests when the restaurant and pub opens sometime this summer. If you're hoping to satisfy a haggis hunger, let the owners know now: a recent Facebook post expressed uncertainty that "Haggis pies will be popular in Maine."