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Preview the Design of Portland's Evo, Maximizing Its Minimal Space

Open kitchen, pocket doors, and angled countertops.

Adam H. Callaghan

Opening June 7 at Hyatt Place, Evo will be the latest Mediterranean restaurant to hit downtown Portland. The interior is under heavy construction as the team attempts to recreate the previously seen renderings. It's a tight space, but should feel dynamic with an open bar and kitchen in the center, as well as the mezzanine providing interesting people-watching along Fore Street.

evo countertop angled preview

Co-owner Casey Prentice explained the unusual shape of the downstairs countertop, which hugs the angular exterior windows. "If I'm sitting at a bar with three people, I always like to sit at a corner or round part. With this, everything's corners, which increases the intimate atmosphere for diners," he pointed out. Those who prefer a table can sit upstairs, where 24 x 24 inch tables can be for two tops or combined to seat four or six people at a time.

evo mezzanine preview

For fans of obscure design details, Prentice said even the bathrooms will be unique: the city required him to install Maine's first and only self-closing pocket doors for the two handicap-accessible restrooms, based partly on the narrow hallway. The Press Herald has additional coverage of the new space, and the latest sample menu is available on Evo's website.