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Himalayan Restaurant Settles in Rockland to Delight of Indian Fans

Food diversity for the win.

Rockland Maine Needs An Indian Restaurant/FB

Ask and ye shall receive — that's the sentiment a Facebook group called Rockland Needs An Indian Restaurant is celebrating with the appearance of the new Himalayan Restaurant at 1 Payne Avenue in Rockland. The group shared a picture of the soon-to-open eatery, whose sign lists "Sushi—Asian—Indian—Tibet." The advocacy group's creator Charlie S. White Jr. asked, "Is it premature to declare this Facebook group a success?" He also tried to allay commenter fears that the location is "cursed" or that there will be too many cuisines under one roof.

Owners Kristina Tenzin and Luorang Gongbu noted on a liquor license application (p. 6 to 8) that their place of birth is Tibet but they're coming most recently from — where else? — Brooklyn. The restaurant should be open within the month in the former home of Roselyn Seafood.