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Ramen Suzukiya Lives

The anticipated noodle house could be open by May.

Adam H. Callaghan

Perhaps the most asked about restaurant in Portland, Ramen Suzukiya seemed to fall off the face of the earth when its business permit was held up in December. Nervous readers agonized over its apparent lack of progress. Four months later, little has changed from an exterior perspective, but in recent weeks eagle-eyed sources spotted flickers of movement inside the quiet East End space. Noodle lovers, take heart: Corey Suzuki, son of chef/owner Katsuaki Suzuki, confirmed for Eater that "everything feels like it's finally coming together."

Katsuaki is hopeful that the restaurant will open in May, offering customers a taste of his housemade ramen. Corey said the new bathroom was completed last week and "looks great;" kitchen tile is being installed in preparation for kitchen equipment; the "beautiful bamboo floor" will be sanded and polished soon; and the company will join the social media age shortly. He said they have plenty of loose ends to tie up, from acquiring tables for outdoor seating to locking down more local sources for meat and produce, but they're excited to be so close to open. Judging by the contents of the Eater tipline, they're not the only ones excited about the prospect.