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Forthcoming Tempo Dulu's Sneak Peek Blows Away Food Writers

"No clunkers in Klang’s playbook."

Exterior of Danforth Inn — future location of Tempo Dulu
Exterior of Danforth Inn — future location of Tempo Dulu
Danforth Inn

Highly-anticipated Southeast Asian restaurant Tempo Dulu hosted a pop-up dinner last week and food writers can't stop raving. Chef Lawrence Klang served a five-course meal at Camden Harbour Inn on Thursday, March 5  — here's the feedback:

Writer Kathleen Pierce, with Bangor Daily News, raves, "From lobster rice crackers served with nutty hot sauce to Balinese spiced duck steamed in banana leaves, the courses were vibrant and unpredictable. No clunkers in Klang’s playbook." She also says, "The future of fine dining in Portland is about to soar a few octaves and jump across continents."

Critic John Golden also praises the Southeast Asian cuisine as a welcome addition to the dining scene, stating, "Tempo Dulu will most likely further Portland’s stance as a center for new age international cuisine as merry old New England goes global."

Though Tempo Dulu is a few months out from opening in Portland's Danforth Inn, they are already encouraging future fans to think about reservations.