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Opening Alert: No Judgment at The Sinful Kitchen

Those with or without dietary restrictions should feel comfortable in Dave Mallari's cafe.

The Sinful Kitchen

A new brunch option for the dietarily-restricted soft opens on Sunday, March 29: The Sinful Kitchen. Chef-owner Dave Mallari, who has Celiac's disease and is versed in the Paleo diet, formerly ran Francisco's Blue House Cafe and hosts pig roasts as The Pig Kahuna. His latest venture is taking the place of La Familia on Brighton Avenue.

Mallari wants all diners to feel comfortable in the space, particularly those who might otherwise feel alienated due to their special requirements. He told Eater, "This is a regular cafe but we have so many options for various dietary needs. This will be a place where people with food restrictions (especially gluten) don't have to feel self conscious about walking through the door and being judged by the waitstaff because of their dietary needs."

Check out a preview menu below, which suggests that any item can be had gluten-free upon request. Mallari also noted to a Facebook commenter that things like nuts can generally be left out as well, since "most items are made to order." On the other hand, the chef doesn't want his skill with gluten-free and Paleo preparation to scare away those without any dietary restraints — or self control. "I'm hoping for everyone to walk through the door," he told Eater. Explaining the word "sinful" in the name, Mallari assured another Facebook commenter, "This definitely won't be a health food joint."

sinful kitchen preview menu fb

906 Brighton Avenue, Portland, (207) 536-0611, website. Open Wednesday - Sunday 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.