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Buy Portland's West End Deli for $85,000

Will the city lose another deli?

Steff D./Yelp

The West End Deli, recently the subject of a positive lunch review in the Press Herald, is for sale for $85,000. What's up with Portland's delicatessens these days? Full Belly Deli, the only one of Jewish persuasion in the city, closed in January. Then Peter Sueltenfuss opened Otherside Delicatessen in February. Next came word that David Rosen would reopen Full Belly in the Old Port soon. And now this.

All this moving and shaking, even with some negative consequences, is ultimately raising awareness and could put the deli experience back on the map in a good way. Think you could help pin it there? Then bid on West End Deli, which moved from Spring Street in the West End to its current location at 545 Congress St. only last year. You won't get the current business' inventory, but you will get "unlimited opportunities to expand or change the menu." Because, you know, it'll be your business.

West End Deli

545 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101 (207) 874-6426 Visit Website