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Nick Krunkkala Taking Over Kitchen at Boothbay's Thistle Inn

Chef Tony Bickford is opening his own place in Wiscasset.

The Thistle Inn/FB

In the off-season, it takes about an hour to drive from Yarmouth to Boothbay Harbor. Fans of defunct restaurant Oscar's New American should familiarize themselves with the route, as Nick Krunkkala, former chef and owner of Oscar's, will soon be in charge of the kitchen at Boothbay's Thistle Inn.

Krunkkala told Eater that Thistle Inn's current chef, Tony Bickford, is leaving to open his own restaurant in Wiscasset. Krunkkala is excited for his new position, but he plans to introduce menu changes slowly, over the course of weeks, so as not to "scare too many people at first."

The Thistle Inn

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