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Lubec Brewing Company is on the Map, but Don't Visit Quite Yet

Give it a month before heading east.

Lubec Brewing Company/FB

If you follow a copy of the latest Beer Trail Passport, maintained by the Maine Brewers' Guild, you might be one of the first people in the country to see the sunrise. If you're hoping for a freshly brewed accompaniment, though, wait until April: Lubec Brewing Company, the easternmost member on the Passport, is still in the works. Maybe the guild is trying to get ahead of the game; at the rate new breweries are opening in the state, its lists quickly become outdated.

Gale White, owner of Lubec Brewing Company, told Eater that fans shouldn't have to wait much longer: he has beer in the tanks and hopes to put Lubec on the map in mid-April. Keep an eye on the company's bare-bones Facebook page for updates on the nano-brewery, which is operating on a one barrel system (a barrel is equivalent to 31 gallons of beer). In the meantime, beer tourists should remember to call ahead before making any serious drives.