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BBQ Restaurant Terlingua Aims for a May Opening

Now hiring.


When it was first announced, Terlingua was slated to open "this spring." Now there's word that architect-cum-restaurant-owner Pliny Reynolds is hiring up in expectation of a May opening.

terlingua ext preview

Reynolds has been hard at work renovating the space at 52 Washington Avenue in Portland, judging by the slew of construction photos he's posted to the business' Facebook page. The chef hasn't been sitting idly by, either, as evidenced by the meaty photos on display. The restaurant is described as combining "house-smoked meats with Latin American fare," and the name references a Texas ghost town near the Mexican border.

In January, WGME interviewed Reynolds about the "casual, cozy" restaurant; the anchor seemed particularly miffed by the prospect of "pigs ears...for dinner?" In that case, she'd better order carefully at Bao Bao Dumpling House.