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Brunch Institution Bintliff's Becoming Bayside American Cafe

Quarter-life crisis at 25 years old? Take the poll.

Bintliff's American Cafe/FB

In a move that would make Sean Combs proud, the owners of Bintliff's American Cafe are changing the name of the wildly popular Portland spot to Bayside American Cafe. Twelve years after they bought the business from original owner Roger Bintliff, Joe and Diane Catoggio announced via press release and Facebook that "the new name, Bayside American Cafe, fits our evolving neighborhood, and adds one more personal touch to the place that's grown to be such a big part of our lives."

bayside american cafe fb logo

The Catoggio's insist that ain't nothin' changed but the name on the mail: "Our menu, style and management will remain the same. Most importantly, our incredible staff isn't going anywhere!" Touching, and also slightly Hotel California.

Are you eager to stand in line outside Bayside American Cafe, or are you captain of Team Bintliff's? Vote in the poll below, and consult the Brunch Map if things get too confusing.

Bintliff's American Cafe

98 Portland St, Portland, ME 04101 (207) 774-0005 Visit Website