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Rosen's Full Belly Deli Replacing Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt?

Rising like a phoenix with an inexplicable source of income.

Rosen's Full Belly Deli/FB

Rosen's Full Belly Deli is indeed seeking real estate in the Old Port, but perhaps not where sleuths suspected. When Eater announced that dearly departed Full Belly Deli would be reborn, the map on the new iteration's Facebook page led eagle-eyed readers to believe that the former home of the Salt Exchange would play host to Portland's only Jewish deli. Instead, it appears the delicatessen could settle at 363 Fore Street.

Chris Busby, editor of The Bollardreports on his Bangor Daily News blog that the deli will reopen "at the corner of Market and Fore Streets," former home of Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt and, before that, Dunkin' Donuts. This according to landlord Jim Soley, who "also said the deli may apply for a license to serve beer and wine."

What about the Salt Exchange map? Jim Meserve explains: "I think that dot on the mapping just relates to where my office is on Fore Street and probably just automatically fills from approximation of our IP address." Meserve's company, Next Day Art, is at 424 Fore Street, about a block from where the Salt Exchange lived. No word yet on what Meserve's connection to the deli is, but he did confirm the Old Port is where they're actively seeking space. "We are excited about bringing deli experience back to where it started," he continued cryptically.

Whether or not the new location is finalized, it remains to be seen how Rosen, who could not afford to continue running the deli on relatively cheap outer-Brighton Avenue, can possibly afford Old Port rents like the $5,500 per month of 363 Fore Street.