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Gorham Eatery MK Kitchen Hiring for an April Opening

A new, new American restaurant.

Site of upcoming MK Kitchen
Site of upcoming MK Kitchen
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Chef Mitchell Kaldrovich (formerly of Sea Glass at Cape Elizabeth’s Inn by the Sea) and his wife Lisa are very close to opening their own restaurant in Gorham. Described as a "New American" eatery, MK Kitchen will have an ever-changing menu to reflect local and seasonal products. The menu isn't up yet, but there are some teaser food photos.

Portland Press Herald spoke to Kaldrovich and stated, "The menu will change weekly 'according to abundance and availability,' but the chef says he doesn’t want to pigeonhole his food as farm-to-table."

MK Kitchen is currently on a hiring spree to gear up for their April opening at 2 School St. in Gorham.