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OTTO Pizza Expanding Again, Headed to Back Cove in Portland

No word yet on an exact address.


Anthony Allen and Mike Keon are busy guys. This summer the masterminds behind successful local chain OTTO Pizza opened an expansion in Yarmouth (which is, itself, currently being expanded to include a bigger seating area) and a new burrito joint called OCHO. They're trying to further corner the fast-casual takeout market with a new sandwich concept called Hero by the end of the year. And now comes word from an inside source that yet another OTTO location is under construction on Read Street in Portland, which runs from Ocean Avenue to Forest Avenue near Po' Boys and Pickles and Susan's Fish and Chips.

This would be the third Portland outpost for the beloved late-night hotspot — the fourth if you count its delivery facility — but the first off-peninsula. Between Maine and Massachusetts, OTTO should soon have ten pizzerias in its ever-growing empire. Got any additional info on the latest expansion? Share in the comments or send a tip.

Otto Pizza

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