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Eater Maine's Top Posts of 2015

Sex still sells.

When she lost her cool with a difficult customer this summer, the owner of Marcy's Diner in Portland sparked a controversy that was heard round the world.
When she lost her cool with a difficult customer this summer, the owner of Marcy's Diner in Portland sparked a controversy that was heard round the world.
Kyle J. Norris/Eater

Here are Eater Maine's top ten most-viewed stories of 2015, excluding the ever-popular Eater 18 and Eater Heatmap. Somehow it's not surprising that a Hooters-style "breastaurant" held readers' attention, followed closely by a social media feud between an angry restaurateur and a disgruntled mom with a toddler. Otherwise, readers were all about useful maps this year. See which ones below:

10. Outdoor Dining Restaurants in Portland, Maine: 15 Great Spots
Coming on strong with an Allagash Brewing Company photo of Novare Res manager Shahin Khojastehzad sabering a giant bottle of beer, this map of places to eat outside in Portland was poised for success from the beginning. Who doesn't want advice on Maine's decks and patios?

9. Great Spots for Brunch in Maine
Breakfast is too early, and the two-drink lunch seems to be vanishing from America's work culture. Enter brunch, with its late start and requisite mimosas and Bloody Marys. Naturally, visitors and locals alike are seeking the state's star performers.

8. 15 Essential Maine Lobster Rolls
It may be mostly a seasonal map, but the season and the subject are still king in Maine. Readers surely found their way to some of the most succulent lobster rolls in the land with this guide.

7. The Most Anticipated Maine Restaurant Openings, Spring 2015 Edition
This was a big spring for openings — including the eventual Eater Award winner for Restaurant of the Year — and having a way to keep track of them all is as helpful for us as for readers.

6. 19 Restaurants Worth the Drive to Portsmouth, NH
If you're leaving or entering Maine by car, you're almost guaranteed to pass by Portsmouth, a city filled with plenty of tempting meals these days. It's even walkable for the most southern of Mainers.

5. 15 Restaurants in Portland With Amazing Happy Hours
It's a map of places to get food and drink specials right as work is ending. What's not to love about this guest post?

4. 17 Maine Restaurants With Stunning Views
They say you eat with your eyes first, right? Well, here are the particularly delectable sights to be experienced during a meal.

3. 24 Classic Restaurants Every Mainer Must Try
Readers sometimes complain (yes, it's true, we field the occasional disgruntled remark) about the obsession with "hot hot hot" and "new new new" that permeates the dining scene and Eater Maine's coverage of it. Isn't it satisfying, then, to see the classics getting their due in one of the top three posts of the year?

2. Restaurant Owner Calls Toddler a 'Monster' and Internet Moms Unleash Wrath
No one could resist reading about the fight between the owner of Marcy's Diner and a mother whose toddler became the source of so, so many angry comments on the internet. Social media rules the world.

1. Hooters-Style Tilted Kilt Coming Soon to South Portland
We'd like to think it was our biting commentary, coupled with Amy Schumer's endlessly entertaining spoof "Lunch at O'Nutters," that sold this post. But then we hear that Tilted Kilt, opening January 11, got almost 200 applicants at its first "casting call," and it becomes clear this type of sexist restaurant is basically impervious to critique.