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Tomaso's Canteen Crowdfunding Portland Bar With Discounted Gift Cards

One-stop holiday shopping, anyone?

Tomaso's Canteen/FB

If you're eager for Tomaso's Canteen to fill the gaping hole in your heart and neighborhood that Sangillo's left when it was forced to close, now's your chance to help give it a push. The nearly-completed Portland bar from Samuel's owner Samuel Minervino is selling gift cards for another week and a half, and bigger purchases lead to deeper discounts. Just in time for the holidays, the company posted on Facebook, "Get a $50 gift card for $45, $100 for $85, or $250 for $200. They will never expire and can be used on food, drinks, merchandise, tax and gratuity."

In the days of Kickstarter, it seems increasingly common for entrepreneurs to request something akin to high-risk, low-reward donations; no doubt many customers will find it refreshing to receive a direct benefit for taking a relatively low-risk chance on an upcoming business from a proven source. Tomaso's lays out its motivations as clearly as its pricing scheme: "Selling these will help us cover our final expenses leading up to the opening. Buying them will allow you to drink and eat for less. It's a win-win."