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Farm Truck Juice Cooperative Bar Opening in Portland's West End Soon

"Customers will be aware of exactly how...ingredients are being sourced."

Exterior of Farm Truck Juice, Portland.
Exterior of Farm Truck Juice, Portland.
Adam H. Callaghan/Eater

The original owner of Walter's is back, and hopping on the fresh-pressed juice bandwagon — somewhat literally, given the name. Farm Truck Juice, opening at 189 Brackett Street next door to Rosemont's new West End location, is a worker-owned cooperative run by Walter Loeman, his son Joe, and currently four other worker-owners described on the company website. The space will have minimal seating as well as a standing bar, but should operate primarily on a to-go model.

The elder Loeman is pushing a farm-to-glass concept, hoping to "provide juice from the freshest, farm direct ingredients for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle and promote Maine's healthy eco system," according to his bio. Naturally, not all of his produce will come from Maine, but a sign hanging out front promises that "customers will be aware of exactly how and where the ingredients are being sourced, as well as how and where their dollars are being spent."

farm truck juice preview poster

A mission statement hangs in the window at Farm Truck Juice, Portland. [Photo: Adam H. Callaghan]

Loeman sold Walter's years ago and has most recently been working as a cook at Union at The Press Hotel, according to a Bangor Daily News report. The company had projected November 10 as opening day but isn't quite there yet; check out the sporadically-active Facebook page for preview pictures and more.