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Aerosmith Drummer + Red Sox Exec = Sunday River Restaurant?

Joey Kramer and Les Otten team up for Rockin’ & Roastin’ Café & Restaurant - At the Mountain.

Artist's rendering.
Artist's rendering.
Courtesy of Allevato Architects

Aerosmith fans, your weirdest dreams have come true: drummer Joey Kramer is leveraging his Massachusetts-based Rockin' and Roastin' organic coffee brand into the Rockin' & Roastin' Café & Restaurant - At the Mountain in Newry, Maine. Boston Red Sox fans, there's something for you, too: according to a release, Kramer's partner in the wordy venture is Les Otten, "former vice chairman of the Boston Red Sox who is credited in large part with saving Fenway Park."

The year-round restaurant is slated to open in December at 9 Timberline Drive, the former home of Phoenix House & Well, whose exterior "will be reskinned, and [whose] interior will undergo a total revamp fit for rock royalty." Expect Aerosmith memorabilia, Aerosmith-themed dishes like "Janie's Got a Bun," a full-service restaurant and multiple bars upstairs, and a casual cafe downstairs.

The company is currently "accepting applications for all restaurant positions, including internships." (For the confused back-of-house readers, an "internship" is what your employers typically call a "stage" to sound fancier.)

Kramer made the rounds in Maine last spring, promoting his coffee brand at St. Joseph's College and elsewhere. Per a report from the Press Herald, he told students he got into the coffee business in 2012 "Because I love making people happy, and coffee makes people happy." Eager to try his uplifting beans prior to the grand opening? Find them at area establishments including 22 Broad Street, Barking Dawg, Sunday River Brewing Co., Hannaford, and Rooster's Roadhouse.