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Woodford Food and Beverage Hopes to Open in Portland Before 2016

Former Fore Street and Bresca sous chef Courtney Loreg will run the kitchen.

Woodford Food and Beverage/FB

Birch Shambaugh, who with wife Mary Fayth Preyer unsuccessfully proposed a restaurant at 34 Vannah Street in 2013, is now bringing Woodford Food and Beverage to 660 Forest Avenue at Woodford's Corner. Portland Food Map reports on the progress of the 85-seat neighborhood restaurant and bar, which Shambaugh "is aiming to by the end of the year." The site is the former home of Valle's Steakhouse.

The restaurant recently announced via Facebook that Courtney Loreg will be in charge of the kitchen; she was sous chef for four years at Fore Street, two years at Bresca, and, most recently, the last three years at Wente Vineyards in California.

A commenter questioned the parking situation at the restaurant, which sits at one of Portland's worst sections of traffic. The owners responded, "We have some parking onsite & have arranged for overflow with an adjacent business. We're confident the combination will support our needs." Keep an eye on the company's progress via its Instagram page and chef Loreg's.