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Art of the Menu Loves The Honey Paw's 'Abstract Smears'

The menu at the Portland restaurant gets some attention.

Kyle J. Norris/Eater

Art of the Menu, a blog run by graphic design enterprise UnderConsideration, catalogues "the underrated creativity of menus from around the world." Yesterday, The Honey Paw's menu was featured for the way its "Abstract smears of parallel lines relate to both the noodle-fusion dishes and the The Honey Paw's namesake: a bear, having just woke from hibernation, feasting on a swipe of honeycomb." Particularly intriguing is seeing how those lines of noodles on the separate food and drink pages align infinitely.

Elsewhere in Portland, Hugo's and Eventide, sister establishments to The Honey Paw, have been profiled by Art of the Menu before, as have Duckfat and Central Provisions. It's perhaps no coincidence that all of these were branded by Portland firm Might and Mainwhich has left its mark on many of the city's most celebrated eateries.

What menus in Maine do you admire? Suggest beautiful examples in the comments — and even to Art of the Menu, which welcomes submissions.

The Honey Paw

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