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Tilted Kilt girls.
Tilted Kilt girls.
Tilted Kilt/FB

A tipster alerted Eater to the fact that something called Tilted Kilt is coming to the former home of Newick's Lobster House in South Portland. Despite the fact that a kilt is the traditional dress of Scottish men, though, Tilted Kilt is nothing like comedian Amy Schumer's "O'Nutters," a reverse-gender parody of "breastaraunt" chain Hooters.

No, it appears Tilted Kilt is simply a misleading name for another Hooters-esque pub, where "Kilt Girls" wear mini-kilts and plaid bras. The arrival of the "contemporary, Celtic-themed sports bar" — which originated in Las Vegas, naturally — was announced in July by Compass Commercial Brokers, with the promise of nine new Tilted Kilt outposts "projected to open in New England over the next three years." That includes ongoing attempts in Boston.

The Portland Regional Chamber listing for the South Portland location already calls it "Maine's premier sports pub," suggesting there's little oversight of the chamber's member pages. The pub has been hiring on Craigslist for the past month, looking for general, assistant, and kitchen managers, who are required to complete five weeks of training at corporate HQ in Tempe, Arizona. No opening date has been set, but scantily clad women on the company Facebook page suggest Tilted Kilt is "coming soon."