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Neighborhood Bar Tomaso's Canteen in Portland About a Month Away

Sangillo's needed a lot of work.

The back of Tomaso's Canteen in Portland, as seen from Franklin Street.
The back of Tomaso's Canteen in Portland, as seen from Franklin Street.
Adam H. Callaghan/Eater

Eagle-eyed East Enders may have noticed hints of progress at the former home of Sangillo'snow being converted by Samuel Minervino into Tomaso's Canteen. There's a new sign-frame hanging out front, a kitchen hood venting out the back, some fresh paint. A spokeperson for the business told Eater much of the work wasn't visible from the outside, though: "The interior needed to be completely gutted, including the electrical and plumbing. It was basically a cinder block shell a couple months ago." See evidence on Facebook, along with more history on Minervino's great-grandfather, after whom Tomaso's is named.

Opening day is likely to be in November; it's "still at least three weeks away, probably a month," the company said. With the kitchen sporting a couple of fryers and a 3-foot griddle, gone are the days of Sangillo's microwaved Hot Pockets. The menu at Tomaso's is "still a work in progress," but expect its offerings to resemble the draft menu submitted this summer for licensing. Minervino's other neighborhood bar, Samuel's, is beloved for its solid pub fare, and it looks like he's bringing that same care to the new spot.

Samuel's Bar and Grill

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