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Biddeford's Cobblestones Becomes Cobblestones Cafe Under new Ownership

Kendra Akerman and Larry Stratton keep the feel of the original but with their own recipes and updates.

When Cobblestones owner Craig Rodenhiser passed away in October last year, his Biddeford sandwich shop seemed unlikely to last. And then it was back—sort of.

Less than two months laterthe Biddeford Courier reportsCobblestones Cafe took the place of Cobblestones; an homage to the original, if you will, from new owners Kendra Akerman and Larry Stratton. The couple got permission from Rodenhiser's family to use part of the original name, and they created a new Facebook page to reflect the change. The old Cobblestones page has been converted to something called "Positive News Network" by its administrator, marketer Colin Sexton, who worked with Rodenhiser.

Sexton hinted via Facebook that there may be further developments: "For those interested in the original menu there is something in the works there and hope to have more information shortly." He was clearly dismayed at the prospect of Cobblestones Cafe, commenting, "I have emails of [Rodeniser] envisioning [the shop]..exactly what HE wanted ot [sic] to be and more importantly exactly what he DIDN'T want it to be..."

A commenter named Steve Reny chimed in, offering to pass criticisms along to the new owners but defending their stewardship of the Cobblestones legacy. "The Diner around the corner 'Palace Diner' Maines [sic] oldest diner has gone through many many owners with different menus keeping the same name for a 100 years," he wrote, pointing out that it's not uncommon for a restaurant to remain conceptually similar even while changing hands. Sexton conceded that he is "relieved" the name is slightly different and wished the owners the best.

For their part, Stratton, who has worked at Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport, and Akerman said their menu will honor the legacy of the original, but they'll be using their own formulations. "'There's an unwritten chef code not to use other people's recipes,' Stratton said. 'From rubs to dressings, everything is made fresh ... I make all my own sauces and dressings - everything right down to the mayonnaise.'"

Cobblestones Cafe, 140 Main St. Suite 101, (207) 221-2623, Facebook. Open Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. - 8 p.m., Saturday - Sunday 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.


140 Main Street, Biddeford, ME (207) 710-2025