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The Most Anticipated Maine Restaurant Openings, Spring 2015 Edition

Keep track of your dining wish list.

Corey Templeton

Last year was a big one for the Maine restaurant scene, with plenty of openings and some sad closures, as well. It doesn't look like things will slow down in 2015 either, so here's a guide to what's on the radar in spring.

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full belly deli

Full Belly Deli

Location: Westbrook
Chef: David Rosen
Projected Opening: Spring 2015
There was an outcry after Portland's only Jewish deli closed this year, apparently loud enough to revive the failed business. Owner David Rosen plans to reopen in Westbrook.
Status: Now open
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portland patisserie and grand cafe logo

Portland Patisserie and Grand Cafe

Location: Old Port, Portland
Chef: Catherine Côté-Eliot
Projected Opening: May 2015
Steve and Michelle Corry, owners of Five Fifty-Five and Petite Jacqueline, are planning to bring the best of French cafe culture to Portland. They've said the "focus will be on the traditional Patisserie theme — with beautiful displays of whimsical pastries, pies, cakes, desserts, breakfast pastries, etc" and a "full lunch and lighter dinner fare." Highly-trained pastry chef Catherine Côté-Eliot, who happens to be the wife of Petite Jacqueline chef Fred Eliot, is already hard at work prepping a huge walk-in cooler with elaborate baked goods in anticipation of a May opening.
Status: Now open
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terlingua ext preview


Location: 52 Washington Avenue, Portland
Chefs: Pliny Reynolds and Wilson Rothschild
Projected Opening: May 2015
A casual barbecue restaurant seating 30-40, featuring Latin American fare with meats smoked by owner and former architect Reynolds. Oh, and a focus on craft beer. Is Reynolds creating Salvage for the East End? That wouldn't be so bad.
Status: Now open
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the sugarbowl fb

the Sugarbowl

Location: 1242 Carrabassett Drive, Carrabassett Valley
Chef: Chris Maturi
Projected Opening: Late April or early May 2015
Originally scheduled to open in January, this massive bowling complex, restaurant, sports pub, and family entertainment center has faced delays, pushing its opening beyond Sugarloaf's prime skiing months. Nonetheless, owner Kerry Audet plans to attract western Mainers to the space year-round with league nights, a golf simulator, and much more.
Status: Now open
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old vines wine bar new sign fb

Old Vines Wine Bar

Location: 173 Port Road, Kennebunk
Chef: Unknown
Projected Opening: April 1, 2015
Owner Mike Farrell tried for a year to sell his wine bar before deciding to close. The story didn't end there, though: regulars Jon Ellms and Rick Taranto stepped up to breathe new life into Old Vines. Ellms told Eater they plan to open April 1 "with just a few updates to the menu and a few cosmetic changes. Many of the original staff are returning, too."
Status: Now open
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The Honey Paw Promo

The Honey Paw

Location: 78-82 Middle Street, Portland
Chef (de cuisine): Thomas Pisha-Duffly
Projected Opening: April 2015
The latest expansion from the James Beard-nominated Hugo's restaurant group is already providing much needed growth for small, renowned Eventide Oyster Co.'s kitchen and dining space. It will also introduce Portland to noodles without any "cultural borders," co-owner Arlin Smith assured Eater. The new venture's chef de cuisine, Thomas Pisha-Duffly, "has traveled the world, dedicating himself to noodles, so it's going to be hand-pulled pasta, ramen, udon, even spaetzle." Expect all bar height seating, wine on draft, and a beer list that spans the globe while Eventide's becomes hyperlocal. But seriously, what's up with that name? Smith explained: "[Chef] Andrew [Taylor] worked with this guy from China who always told the story of 'the honey paw': in China, bears are a delicacy. The honey paw is the left paw. It's typically saved for the host or guest of honor, and it's sweeter because allegedly bears only use their left paw for honey. As we were trying to think of names for a restaurant, there was no way to describe what we're doing, so why not make it something fun for us? We like to think of ourselves as having a sense of humor."
Status: Now open
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wich please truck

'wich, please

Location: Buoy Park, Rockland
Chef: Malcolm Bedell
Projected Opening: April 2015
From food writer to food trucker, Malcolm Bedell of From Away is taking his passion for sandwiches on the road. The multi-time competitor in the World Food Championships—Sandwich Category, natch—ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and is well on his way to providing an affordable, delicious lunch option to the city of Rockland. He hopes to park alongside Pho Sizzle and Duo's Seafood in Buoy Park in early May, assuming he can get a city ordinance changed to allow three rather than two food trucks to cluster in the prime location.
Status: Now open
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velveteen habit logo fb

The Velveteen Habit

Location: 37 Ogunquit Road, Cape Neddick/Ogunquit
Chef: Chris Wilcox
Projected Opening: April 17, 2015
The new owner of the famous Arrows restaurant building is trying to build on the success of Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier's concept while making the space his own. Benjamin Goldman told Eater, "We're excited to share our vision of such an iconic property after spending the last six months on new design and renovations. We've made a number of changes to create something contemporary, innovative, and exciting while taking great care to maintain the warm feel of the historic farmhouse and optimize the production gardens for the restaurant's heavily seasonal food and beverage menus." Reservations are now available for opening day, Friday, April 17.
Status: Now open
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Danforth Inn ext official


Location: 163 Danforth Street, Portland
Chef: Lawrence Klang
Projected Opening: Late May 2015
Southeast Asia is the inspiration for this restaurant in the Danforth Inn, purchased last year by Camden Harbor Inn owners Raymond Brunyanszki and Oscar Verest. Brunyanszki told Eater the region is where he met his life- and business partner and also where his "career and passion for hotels really began to become clear." Tempo Dulu is Indonesian for "the good old days," but considering the fraught period of Dutch control from the perspective of the natives, here's hoping the team minimizes the historical musings and lets the food and service speak for themselves. The concept is off to a good start: a Tempo Dulu pop-up dinner hosted by Natalie's in March drew rave reviews from attendees.
Status: Now open
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figgy's ext


Location: 722 Congress Street, Portland
Chef: Natalie "Figgy" DiBenedetto
Projected Opening: May 2015
Formerly known as Skillet, the name of this addition to the Yordprom Coffee Co. building was changed to avoid trademark issues with a Seattle operation bearing the same name. New moniker, same exciting concept: "I think it's one of the last niches in portland: Comfort To-Go," owner Natalie "Figgy" DiBenedetto shared. "We're going to always have skillet fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, and all the fixin's but will also offer healthy complete meals, salads, and soups. Everything will be made in house," she emphasized. Additionally, expect a full-service catering operation managed by Carrie Allen, formerly of A Moveable Feast, plus limited outdoor seating for those planning to get down and dirty with DiBenedetto's Korean wings and Missouri-style fried chicken, which has "super crispy skin while keeping the meat really moist," y'all.
Status: Now open
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Additional spring openings to keep an eye on:
· The Wallingford, Kittery Foreside (Now open)
· Union Restaurant, Portland (Now open)
· Rosemont West End, Portland (Now open)
· Mami food truck, Portland (Now open)
· Crooners and Cocktails, Portland (Now open)
· Pig + Poet, Camden (Now open)
· Northern Union Wine Bar, Ogunquit (Now open)
· MK Kitchen, Gorham (Now open)
· EVO, Portland (Now open)
· Ramen Suzukiya, Portland (Now open)
· Lincolns, Portland (Now open)