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Watch Graham Botto Prepare Portland's Most Coveted Burger at Back Bay Grill

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Welcome to a Classics Week edition of The Hot Dish, a behind the scenes look at the making of drool-worthy dishes.

classics week logo"I'd like to say that it was something that I engineered, but it just happened organically," owner Larry Matthews says about the cult-classic following the Back Bay Grill's burger has achieved. The burger, which originated on the bar menu, is offered only a few times a year. After its return for Restaurant Week one year, Back Bay Grill got too many requests to ignore.

"There's nothing there you're unfamiliar with," Matthews continues on the simplicity of the dish. Chef Graham Botto bakes fresh brioche buns daily for the 8 oz, locally raised Angus beef burger, which is seasoned simply with salt and pepper, topped with finely shaved romaine, dressed with Caesar and blue cheese crumbles, and is served with house made potato chips. The key, though, is the finely shaved romaine, which is able to hold in all the dressing, blue cheese, and meaty juices.

If you plan to get one of these rare, tasty offerings, check Back Bay Grill's Facebook page obsessively for availability. Matthews says it will probably be another couple of months before the burger reappears; when it does, don't hesitate to call ahead and reserve yours, because the fan favorite sells out quickly.

—Text and photos by Kyle J. Norris

Back Bay Grill

65 Portland Street, Portland, ME 04101