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New Japanese Food Truck Planned by Former East Ender Chef Austin Miller

Expect the truck to hit the streets of Portland in April.

Attention, anyone psyched about the continuing rise of varied Asian cuisine in the area: Eating Portland Alive has a scoop for you. According to a Facebook post from the local food blog, chef Austin Miller of East Ender will be launching a Japanese-style food truck in April:

He will be sourcing ingredients from local farms & fishermen to whip up okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, yakitori-style items, yakisoba, as well as a hot dog with a Japanese twist.

The venture is as yet unnamed, but expect more details shortly. Those following along at home will recall that the owners of Small Axe Truck purchased the East Ender restaurant and brand at the beginning of January; the hotly anticipated relaunch should be ready by February or March.

East Ender

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