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Updated: Bear Bones Beer Bringing Bear-Themed Beer to Lewiston Brew Pub

No word on a timeline for the space, but it's been a year since a home was chosen for the concept.

Bears. Beers. Battlestar Galactica.
Bears. Beers. Battlestar Galactica.
Bear Bones Beer, FB

Update, 1/14/15: Sun Journal released a profile of Bear Bones Beer and co-owners Adam Tuuri and Eben Dingman yesterday. The two have settled on 43 Lisbon Street as the home of a brewery and tap room, rather than a brew pub at 223 Lisbon Street as was originally planned.


If you've ever thought Quality Control or Beta Testing of craft beer sounded like your kind of extracurricular, you could be in luck. Check out Bear Bones Beer on Facebook to follow the progress of its upcoming brewery and restaurant at 223 Lisbon Street in Lewiston and be alerted to potential opportunities for free taste testing. The info page suggests that testers have been favoring "Polar Bear Rye(I)PA, Koala Kolsch, and the Robot Bear Porter." Warned you there were bear-themed beers.

Prepare to be patient, as status updates from co-owner Adam Tuuri and his partner have dried up in the past half year — easy to imagine that the company is knee-deep in build-out and all the other time consuming mischief involved in opening a new brew pub — but, then, no one ever said recipe testing would be an easy hobby.