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The Shack and Liquid M2 Closed; Dogfish Café Renamed; Ricker Hill Orchards' Hard Cider Released

New hard cider from Turner now available.
New hard cider from Turner now available.
Photo: Ricker Hill Orchards, FB

WALDOBORO"Well its [sic] official. The Shack is closed." Those were the words posted on the smokehouse's Facebook page last month. A tipster shared the news, offering additional commentary: Apparently one of the two brothers who co-owned The Shack passed away unexpectedly, and the business never recovered. [EaterWire]

OLD PORT — Kathleen Pierce is convinced Liquid M2 has gone under, and wonders about the causes behind the closure of yet another green drink business (Roost House of Juice closed earlier this year). "Liquid M2 offered tasty takes on the smoothie craze and superfood entrees with a modern twist. But was it too much of a 'me too?'" [BDN]

WEST ENDPortland Food Map reports, "It's been nearly a year since Ted Arcand, owner of Dogfish Bar & Grille, sold the Dogfish Cafe on Congress Street to 2 of his longtime employees." The major change being planned is in the name: The cafe will be renamed Union Station Publyk House in honor of the train station that once stood across the street. [PFM]

TURNERThe tasting room isn't open yet, but at Ricker Hill Orchards' farm stand $10.99 will earn you a six-pack of Mainiac Gold cans. The hard cider is being produced by Ricker Hill Hard Cider Plant and Winery, an offshoot of the longstanding, family-run orchard. Soft versions are also available. [FB]