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The Bearded Lady Unlatches Her Jewel Box

New Portland cocktail bar The Bearded Lady's Jewel Box is now officially open to the public.

The Bearded Lady's Jewel Box by David Meiklejohn

Nathaniel Meiklejohn behind the bar at his Jewel Box. [Photo: David Meiklejohn]

From its first mention to its latest private event, successfully-Kickstarted bar The Bearded Lady's Jewel Box has entranced Portland's cocktail drinkers. The space took longer than anticipated to reach an opening point, but at long last, owner (and "Bearded Lady") Nathaniel Meiklejohn sent out a note to antsy Kickstarter supporters last Friday that the bar would soft open that night.

We got our liquor license, the register seems to be working, and it's Friday. Let's open! We aren't 100% finished with everything, but the drinks are tasting mighty delicious and I just don't want to wait any longer to share this space that you have helped make happen.

The weekend line-up included five cocktails and one collaboration beer brewed at In'finiti Fermentation and Distillation. See previous coverage of the bar's journey to completion, and find out what else Meiklejohn has in store for guests tonight, starting at 5 p.m. 644 Congress St., Portland, website. Open Tuesday - Saturday 5 p.m. - 1 a.m.