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Small Axe Truck, Ana's for Sale

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Two food trucks, Small Axe Truck and Ana's Gourmet Mobile, are for sale on Craigslist.

Small Axe Truck's "for sale" ad on Craigslist Boston.
Small Axe Truck's "for sale" ad on Craigslist Boston.
Adam H. Callaghan

A tipster shared a surprising ad, posted to Craigslist Boston two weeks ago: Small Axe Truck is for sale. Not only is the truck itself for sale, but according to the ad, owners Bill Leavy and Karl Deuben are "Also willing to discuss purchase of business." Sale of the entire business would undoubtedly drive up the $60,000 asking price.

1995 GMC California-style food truck with only 35,000 miles. Many upgrades to mechanical as well as kitchen equipment. Powerful full size fryer, griddle, steam table, warming oven, coffee urn, service refrigerator, 3 door low-boy refrigerator, 3 bay sink + hand sink, hood vent. New fire suppression system. One year old under mounted propane tank. Includes POS system (iPad, kitchen printer, router, square readers) and 1 year old Honda eu3000 generator. Bright and airy interior that is very comfortable to cook in with plenty of storage room. 26ft long by 7ft wide. Perfect for on street vending and large scale catering. Also willing to discuss purchase of business.

What does this mean for two of Portland's most respected food truck proprietors? Rumors have always swirled about their intentions to open a restaurant. Has the pair found a brick and mortar location? Eater spoke with Deuben on the phone, who cautioned that nothing is set in stone, part of the reason they have neglected to advertise openly in Maine. He said he and Leavy are focusing on their last month of service for the season, after which Small Axe will be closed for half a year anyway. Beyond that, he declined to prognosticate.

Deuben said they are, as always, working on acquiring a physical restaurant space, but in terms of selling the truck they're testing the waters. When the time comes to make a move, they may have cash in hand from the sale of the truck, they may be able to use it as collateral for a bank loan, or there may be other options that become available. Whether or not the food truck remains under their ownership, a new restaurant from the duo is likely to incorporate an entirely new concept, distinct from the Small Axe brand but retaining the high level of creativity and quality customers have come to expect.

Deuben stressed that he and Leavy have taken the best care of their truck possible. Between the upgraded vehicle (put through its paces close to seven days a week over the past months) and the potential benefits of the brand name, the chef felt that a turnkey operation could mean big things right out of the gate for the right person. Anyone got a cool sixty thousand and the determination to test his theory?

In similar news, Ana's Mobile Gourmet is for sale on Craigslist Maine: $35,000 or best offer.

Ana's Gourmet used this truck during the summer to prepare and sell Hispanic food, however, we are no longer going to use it. We only worked the truck for about one month to make sure everything was running. The remodel was just done last year, so everything is in excellent condition. It has 3 new sinks, a used refrigerator in good condition, with a prep table, a new grill, two new gas burners, a new generator, two 20 gallon gas tanks, fire extinguisher, and proper ventilation. The truck was approved and inspected by the city of Portland and is ready to be used. Please feel free to make an offer.

Earlier this summer, the truck parked often in East Bayside near Rising Tide Brewing Company. The company announced via Facebook on July 1, however, "We won't be going out anymore but we will if you [have] an event you want us to come to let us know. We are available for events." Eight days ago, Ana's Craigslist ad was posted, and just like that, Tu Casa became the neighborhood's only El Salvadorian option again.

Any aspiring mobile entrepreneurs ready to take up the mantle? There's a truck for every budget.