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Eater Will Look Very Different in Seven Days

Back when Eater launched in 2005, the site promised to be "a one-stop shop for information and commentary on the New York food and drink scene" covering "openings and closings and reviews, as well as what's buzzing on the food blogs, chef gossip, neighborhood news, and city-wide food trends." Nine years later that's still essentially the Eater mission — albeit in 27 cities and internationally — but the sites have also grown to include professional restaurant reviews, food photography, investigative reporting, broad features, cookbook coverage, videos, essential maps, and more. All that is to say: it's time for a momentous change.

On Monday, September 22 readers should brace for a radically reconceptualized and reprogramed Eater. It will still feature work from on the ground reporters, reviewers, and columnists across North America. It will still obsess over the lives of restaurants and chefs. But it will be more beautiful, functional, and informative, with new powers and a new spirit of discovery to align with our ambitions to change the world of food journalism.

Nine years in the making, the new Eater arrives in less than a week. Mark those calendars.