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Hoss & Mary's Seeks New Location, Direction

Hoss & Mary's Tasty Grub, a casual sandwich shop and burger restaurant in Old Orchard Beach, has had its share of rave reviews over the years. An episode of Man v. Food helped put its outrageous treats on the map, and local food celeb/writer Joe Ricchio's obvious love for the eatery's ingenuity and decadence hasn't hurt, either. Hoss & Mary's showed up in multiple sandwich and burger maps during the tenure of former Eater Maine editor Susan Axelrod, and in her capacity as a staff writer for MaineToday Media she recently included the restaurant in another guide to outstanding sandwich spots.

If it sounds like things are going perfectly for the business, the owners are looking to dispel that notion. It turns out there are a host of issues with the current location, and the eponymous Hoss (Brian Coddens) reached out via email to explain why (and where) he and co-owner Mary (Deena Eskew) are looking to relocate once the lease ends in April, 2015. Anyone curious to see a "finer, simpler" version of Hoss & Mary's in the "Saco/Scarborough/South Portland area" should leave real estate suggestions in the comments section. See Hoss' edited remarks below.

"Our lease is up in April and we are not renewing. This has been a great stepping stone for us, but we pay for an oceanfront restaurant on the busiest street in OOB, and neither is beneficial for the type of business we really desire.

As much as we LOVE going to Portland to eat, we just don't see ourselves as city people. We have quite a following and reputation around here and we really should take that momentum and go with it, but just not here at the beach. We're thinking Saco/Scarborough/South Portland area.

We currently don't have a single parking space, nor a bathroom for customers in the winter. We lose out on 90% of our desired clientele during the summer due the the difficulty of getting here and parking.

We currently live above our spot and perhaps we are a bit spoiled by that, but finding that arrangement again would be the ultimate goal. Since our spot on Man v. Food, it's been a constant effort to take our business in a more serious direction, with a finer, simpler menu. We need a change. Thank you! -Hoss and Mary."
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Hoss & Mary's Tasty Grub

27 W Grand Ave., Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064