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Dobrá Tea Moving to Sunny 89 Exchange St.

The soon-to-be-home of Dobrá Tea.
The soon-to-be-home of Dobrá Tea.
Photo: Adam H. Callaghan

Dobrá Tea, a Portland tearoom and shop focused on quality loose-leaf tea, is moving. Tea lovers need not fret, however, as the shop is making a short jump from 151 Middle Street to 89 Exchange Street. Co-owners Ellen Kanner and Ray Marcotte announced the change via email newsletter early this week.

Those familiar with Dobrá's current location (above Anthony's Italian Kitchen) know its lack of easy street traffic and direct sunlight are serious challenges, which Kanner said are major reasons she's eager to relocate. A 10% off sale is in effect from today through Sunday, August 24, after which the current location will close for good. It will be about a month before the new Dobrá opens where the Aucocisco Gallery is currently. See more of Kanner's comments below, edited from her original email to Eater.

"We found a great new location, just when an opportunity to exit our lease presented itself. Call it kismet! We've had so much love from the Portland community - for tea, the tearoom itself, and what we're aiming to do with the tearoom in support of community. Finding a space that will support the growing tearoom for many, many years to come was of utmost importance. And where sunshine could shine in our windows on even the coldest of winter days.

The new location will be a bit smaller, but our current location has many tables open and available before 3 p.m. and for 80% of our open hours. Our new space will be more intimate, we'll still have platforms, and we will aim to recreate the dark corners and nooks that folks like to hide away in at our current space.

We are excited about this new beautiful space. Marble floors, direct sunlight(!), on-street killer location that is easily found, and something we've been looking for and are excited about: Outdoor seating next spring out front. What a treat!

Our last day on Middle St. is this Sunday, August 24, with a 10% Off Moving Sale on loose tea, as well as some other deals. We are not able to get in to 89 Exchange until September 13, after the much revered Aucocisco Gallery closes. It will then be a fast-and-furious-fit-up to open late September/early October. Fingers crossed. We will go out with a gong - staying open Sunday until 10PM with all staff on board to gong out the final evening for closing."
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