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Customers Will be Able to Purchase Samples at Geary's Upcoming Tasting Room

Home of the upcoming Geary's tasting room.
Home of the upcoming Geary's tasting room.
Photo: Geary's, FB

It was rumored back in June that Geary's, the oldest brewery in Maine, was working on a tasting room. The company recently confirmed via blog post that the brewing facility at 38 Evergreen Drive in Portland would soon become more publicly accessible, tentatively setting out visiting hours for its under construction space as Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A representative for Geary's answered questions via email about the plans for the new development, including if samples would be free and if small batch beers would be available:

Until recent years, it wasn't legal for breweries to sell samples of their beer from their tasting rooms. Some of the other big companies like Allagash and Shipyard always gave it away for free, which they continue to do despite the law change. As Geary's, the oldest brewery in Maine, is just now building its tasting room, is the plan to give away samples for free and limit the amount of samples per visit, or will the company take advantage of the modern tasting room laws and sell samples?
Yes, we will be charging for samples. We will be offering 5 and 10 ounce samples, as well as an option that includes a pint glass. We will need to limit the amount of samples sold to maintain responsible serving and our staff will be trained to serve responsibly.

Geary's has brewed some limited batch beers in the past, namely for its anniversary. Will the tasting room be an opportunity for the brewers at the company to experiment with small batch beers and serve them in-house only?
The smallest batch we can make at this time is a 24 bbl brew (U.S. liquid barrel), which equates to 48 half-barrel kegs. [Ed. Note: These are the large kegs many consumers are familiar with from parties.] So, from time to time we may have cask conditioned flavors to try, and down the road we'd like to be set up to do smaller single batch series. For now, our main focus is opening the tasting room.
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D.L. Geary Brewing Company

38 Evergreen Drive, Portland, ME 04103