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Biddeford Distillery Unnamed; Portland Pie Co. Unconfirmed

Exterior of Pepperell Mill.
Exterior of Pepperell Mill.
Photo: Adam H. Callaghan

The Press Herald has a story on the redevelopment of Biddeford's Pepperell Mill complex, owned by Doug Sanford. After a long decline as a result of manufacturing jobs being shipped overseas, "Biddeford is finally getting the run it deserves," Sanford said. Alongside current food and drink tenants Banded Horn Brewing Company and gluten-free bakery The Maine Pie Co., the piece lists "future confirmed tenants" as Portland Pie Co. and a yet-to-be-named distillery coming this fall from Kennebunkport native Darren Case.

A spokesperson for Portland Pie Co., however, insists that the lease isn't signed and that there has been no information released from their end about the 130-seat restaurant space referred to in the article. Either way, the local chain is on the hunt for a seventh location. Will it be in Biddeford?
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